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Top entertainment last night on the ghost walking tour round Highgate. If you want a good couple of hours fun and laughter with a quick drink in the middle, get booked on it! -Ian B.

Just wanted to write and say I really enjoyed your tour last night in Highgate (6pm), great fun. My girlfriend organised it as a funny surprise so I had no idea what was going on when I arrived! I loved the banter, silly props and role playing and despite not usually having any real interest in ghosts, vampires or celebrities I was intrigued and entertained the whole way through! I’ll certainly recommend you and hope you keep up the excellent work. Thanks so much. -Ben and Emma

Great evening through Highgate!!!! Highly entertaining and a real breath of fresh air for an evening out. – Julie P.

The tour started at 6pm and we were a bit early so myself and my girlfriend went to a pub that meant we could see the meeting point clearly, as the Ghostly clock tolled 6pm we looked through the window to see our scary tour guide Flecky Bennett lurking in the night air by the side of a traditional style lamppost!!! Flecky had everyone’s attention right from the offset and didn’t fail to not only provide a scary factual tour but also a lot of laughs along the way as he ensured everyone on the tour was involved in some way. Thoroughly enjoyed it and will be going again. Thanks Flecky. -Stuart E.

Highly recommended….I will never look at Highgate same way again! Great alternative to a pub night out…. Flecky all the way. -Monica T.

Had a brilliant night meeting up with Flecky Bennett and going on his amazing Highgate ghost and vampire tour! What a legend! – Farrah L.

The Hightgate Ghost and Vampire Walk: A fantastic evening creeping around haunted Highgate. Headless chickens, vampiric anecdotes, a pub visit, some celebrity spotting and a good dose of pure Flecky humour combine to make this a truly enjoyable experience. Flecky is both entertaining and informative and I can think of worse ways to spend an evening than in his scary company. If you do no other tour of London, do this one! And any other that he may think up in the future! – Lucy M.

I experienced the Highgate ghost and vampire walked and thoroughly enjoyed it! Flecky is a captivating host, with a natural skill for reviving historical gruesome legends. An endearingly entertaining persona which is both scary and humorously self aware. Thrown in for good measure a pub visit and celebrity house spotting what more could you ask for. – Alaric E.

Thanks to all and in particular to Mr Flecky (Ian Waring) for the “crazy” experience last night!-Rossana Ollano.